What is the Arena DAO?

The next iteration of competition infrastructure.

Arena DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that serves as a trustless, peer-to-peer competition platform. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to engage in fair, transparent, and exciting competitions without the concerns of non-payment or distribution issues.

Key Features

1. Decentralized Governance

Arena DAO leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparent, community-driven decision-making.

2. Trust-minimized Competitions

Our platform enables users to participate in various competitions with confidence, knowing that disputes are resolved impartially and rewards are distributed efficiently.

3. Partnership Network

We foster collaborations between sponsors, brands, and competitors, creating a vibrant ecosystem that benefits all participants.

4. Innovative Technology

Built on DAO DAO infrastructure and deployed on the Neutron network, Arena DAO offers low transaction fees, high performance, and seamless smart contract integration.


Arena DAO is built on DAO DAO, providing the best infrastructure for decentralized governance. DAO DAO's robust framework enables efficient decision-making, transparent operations, and community-driven management.

Neutron Network

The Arena DAO is deployed on the Neutron network, chosen for its low gas fees, excellent support for CosmWasm, and permissionless contract deployments. Neutron's features ensure that our platform remains cost-effective, highly performant, and accessible to a global audience.

Our Vision

Arena DAO aims to revolutionize how competitions are conducted by removing intermediaries, ensuring fairness, and empowering community members. Whether you're a competitor, sponsor, or enthusiast, Arena DAO provides a platform where your voice matters and your participation is valued.

Join us in shaping the future of decentralized competitions!

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