The Wager Module is the most basic implementation of a competition module within the Arena ecosystem. It enables users to create and manage decentralized wagers in a transparent and fair manner.

Key Components

1. Host

  • Default Setting: An automatically-generated DAO of the wager's members, requiring consensus from all members.

  • Alternative Option: Designation of a specific host, such as a referee or an existing DAO.

  • Responsibility: Processing the results of the wager.

2. Wager Configuration

a. Name

  • A unique identifier for the wager.

  • Helps participants and spectators easily recognize the competition.

b. Description

  • Provides a detailed overview of the wager.

  • Can include context, objectives, or any other relevant information.

c. Banner

  • Allows users to specify an image to display for the competition.

  • Enhances visual appeal and recognition of the wager.

d. Expiration Defines when the wager will end. Options include:

  • At Time: Specific date and time.

  • At Height: Specific blockchain block height.

  • Never: No expiration set.

Note: If the competition is not processed by the expiration time, it can be "jailed" and resolved only by the Arena DAO.

e. Rules

  • Establish fair and necessary guidelines for the competition.

  • Include criteria for determining the winner, specific restrictions, and other relevant guidelines.

f. Rulesets

  • If the wager's category has predefined rulesets, they can be applied to streamline the rules setup.

g. Dues

  • Define the stakes of the wager.

  • Specify the source of funding.

  • For more detailed information about dues, refer to the Escrow page.

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