Contributor Guideline

How to Contribute

1. Development

  • Help develop and refine our smart contracts and interfaces

  • Contribute to our GitHub repositories

  • Participate in code reviews and architectural discussions

2. Testing and Feedback

  • Engage in beta testing phases

  • Provide detailed feedback on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

  • Suggest and help implement improvements

3. Community Growth

  • Engage with the community on social media platforms

  • Write blog posts, articles, or create educational content about Arena DAO

  • Help establish strategic partnerships

  • Organize and host community events or demos

4. Governance Participation

  • Actively participate in DAO governance

  • Propose and vote on improvement proposals

  • Help shape the future direction of Arena DAO

5. Content Creation

  • Create graphics, videos, and other media to support the DAO

  • Design promotional materials and infographics

  • Develop educational content for new users

Compensation and Incentives

We value our contributors and have established several ways to recognize and reward your efforts:

1. Augmented Bonding Curve (ABC)

  • Initial incentivization through our ABC model

  • Early buying opportunities in the hatch phase without fees for key contributors

  • Increased buying power for critical roles

3. Retroactive Compensation

  • Possibility of retroactive rewards from the DAO treasury for impactful contributions

4. Token Buybacks

  • DAO profits may be used to buy back DAO tokens as a reserve

5. Liquidity Mining Incentives

  • Profits may be allocated to incentivize liquidity on Automated Market Makers (AMMs)

Remember, the strength of a DAO lies in its community. Your contributions, big or small, help shape the future of Arena DAO. We look forward to building and growing together!

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