Arena Gladiators

Arena Gladiators is a unique NFT-based subDAO within the Arena DAO ecosystem. This collection of AI-generated digital gladiator assets not only serves as collectibles but also forms a governance structure of its own, wielding significant influence in the broader Arena DAO.

Key Features

  1. NFT-Based Governance: Each Arena Gladiator NFT represents membership and voting rights in the Gladiators subDAO.

  2. SubDAO Structure: Arena Gladiators operates as a semi-autonomous entity within Arena DAO, with its own decision-making processes and initiatives.

  3. Collective Voting Power: The Gladiators subDAO controls a substantial portion of voting power in the main Arena DAO, amplifying the voice of NFT holders.

  4. Unique Gladiator Designs: Each NFT depicts a distinct gladiator with varying attributes and visual designs.

SubDAO Governance

The Arena Gladiators subDAO allows NFT holders to:

  • Propose and vote on initiatives specific to the Gladiators community

  • Decide on the allocation of resources designated to the subDAO

  • Represent Gladiators' interests in the main Arena DAO governance

Voting Power

  1. Within the SubDAO: Voting power in Gladiators governance may be influenced by factors such as NFT rarity, quantity held, and duration of ownership.

  2. In Arena DAO: The Gladiators subDAO collectively controls a significant proportion of the total voting power in the main Arena DAO.

Additional Benefits

Owning an Arena Gladiator NFT may provide:

  • Participation in exclusive Gladiator-only competitions

  • Access to specialized roles in the Arena DAO ecosystem

  • Potential for future airdrops or rewards

How to Acquire

Details on the minting process, total supply, and distribution method for Arena Gladiators will be announced closer to the launch date. Stay tuned to our official channels for updates.

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