The Arena DAO's Treasury is a vital component of our ecosystem, designed to manage funds, support and incentivize community growth, development, and engagement. This treasury contains a significant allocation of ARENA tokens and serves as a financial backbone that grows over time through various revenue streams.

Treasury Allocation and Growth

Initial Allocation: 20,088,833 ARENA tokens (20.09% of the total token supply)

The Treasury is not static; it's designed to grow over time through:

  1. Revenue from the Augmented Bonding Curve (ABC)

  2. Protocol revenue

  3. Investment returns from treasury activities

  4. Protocol-owned Liquidity

This growth mechanism ensures the long-term sustainability and expanding impact of the Treasury.

Spending Guidelines

The Treasury funds are managed through careful governance and strategic planning. The following guidelines outline how these funds will be utilized:

1. Retroactive Funding Phases

We implement a series of retroactive funding phases to reward valuable contributions to the DAO. This approach incentivizes high-quality work and aligns contributor interests with the long-term success of the Arena DAO.

Contributor Guideline

2. Liquidity Mining Incentives

To encourage liquidity provision and strengthen the ARENA token's market, we will establish liquidity mining programs:

  • Reward liquidity providers

  • Design time-locked incentives to promote long-term liquidity commitment

  • Regularly review and adjust incentive structures based on market conditions and DAO goals

3. Competition Rewards

The Treasury will fund various competitions to drive innovation, engagement, and skill development within the Arena DAO ecosystem.

4. Bounties

A portion of the Treasury will be allocated to bounties for specific tasks or projects that contribute to the growth and enhancement of the Arena DAO ecosystem:

  • Development bounties for new features or integrations

  • Bug bounties to enhance platform security and stability

  • Content creation bounties to boost community engagement and education

  • Research bounties for advancing the DAO's technical or economic models

Future Considerations

As the Arena DAO evolves, additional use cases for the Treasury may be proposed and implemented through governance decisions. The flexibility of this treasury allows the DAO to adapt to new opportunities and challenges in the dynamic DeFi landscape.

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